Official Languages

Portuguese is the official language, but many speak and understand English as well.

Currency & Credit Cards

Metical (pronounced meticash) is the official currency, but many establishments accept US$ and the South African Rand (ZAR). The exchange rate is not always so transparent…The use of credit cards is not widely spread, only some hotels and resorts accept this form of payment. Always first enquire what the options are.

When to travel

The winter months are a very enjoyable time to travel, since day temperatures are very pleasant and the rainy season is during summer. Not surprisingly the beach experience is also very agreeable in summer.

Not advisable to travel to Mozambique in February, due to heavy rainfall.

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements recently changed. Tourists now have to apply for a tourist visa at the Mozambique consulate before arriving in Mozambique.
Please confirm the latest requirements with your travel agency!

What not to forget