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  1. B. & L.A. - Wiesbaden, Germany

    At no time did we feel our safety threatened, even though some things initially seemed strange to us Middle-Europeans.” “As regard the documentation, route description, service, itinerary… the booking and the overall quality of the product … with special reference to the price/service ratio, we have reached a unanimous verdict: ****** (Super!). An extra star is given for personal attention by the boss himself.

  2. F.E. - Krefeld, Germany

    Improvement suggestions: “Elephant-guidelines for Umlani for the enjoyment of the eyeball to eyeball encounters and to prevent shaky knees. For example: ‘Elephants regularly visit the camp at night, but have as yet not touched the huts!’ ” Documentation: ” Super!!! Route description and detailed itineraries a terrific base for our own implementation.

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