General Diving Information

Between Cape Town and southern Mozambique there is quite a variety of impressive dive sites. The Cape region is characterized by the cold water of the Atlantic, but moving north east towards Mozambique you will find tropical reefs, typical of the Indian Ocean.

“Full speed through the surf” – Launching & Diving in the Indian Ocean

Those used to the Maldives or the Red Sea will find our dive routine a little bewildering initially, maybe even stressful – but quite soon it leads to exciting “easy diving”.

After a thrilling launch from the beach in the rubber duck, and expertly navigating through the thundering surf, the skipper takes you to the reef sites quite quickly. As drift dives are the norm here, always follow the dive master dragging a buoy on a long buoy-line – this is the only safe way in which you can explore the depths below. On the surface the dive boat follows the buoy, and eventually will pick up all divers as they surface!

Diving Guidelines